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October 10, 2008: I have been busy with life and other things. I am sorry I have not been up-to-date on the updates for the website. I will keep trying to add new songs to the rarities list as they occur. Please be patient with me as I juggle everything I have on my plate.  

Latest B-side/Rarity News
October 21, 2008

Bjork.com confirms the rumors of the single release Nttra to benefit the Nattura campaign in Iceland. You can buy the single on iTunes now, and everywhere Oct. 27. Happy listening!

Check out this astute review

"...Named after the organisation which inspired it, Nttra is not your typical charity single, but it is a protest song in every way, shape and form. And protest it does. Loudly. A cold and bitter wash of wind, rain and volcanic rumbles open the track leaving you lost in a storm for a few moments, before being utterly pelted by absurdly dense death metal double kick drum solos from Lightning Bolts Brian Chippendale. The duet between Bjrk and Thom Yorke this was hyped to be hasnt exactly happened; Yorkes distant yelps and wails have been deeply processed into the sparse bassline and minimal synth melody (a strong word to use for this track) courtesy of long time collaborator Matthew Herbert to create a very uneasy ambiance..."


Johnathon on the bjork.com 4um made a rough translation of the Icelandic (from galdr) into English: 


allt sem hann leiir (everything he leads)
allt sem hn fleygir (everything she throws away)
allt sem hn fleygir (everything she throws away)
nttra (nature!)

g get teki (i'm able to take)
g tek vi v (i receive it)
nttra (nature!)

g tek vi (i receive...)
v (...it)


Links: Bjork.com, Nattura.info, wearsthetrousers.com, Bjork.com 4um thread


October 11, 2008

Rumors of Bjrk and Radiohead's Thom Yorke recording a song entitled Nattura are confirmed by "Bjrk's camp." Read more at Pitchfork. See also the Icelandic website detailing the environmental cause this song is championing: Nattura.info. The single is to be released October 20 of this year.  

Thanks to Jocelyn, pitchfork, and the bjork.com 4um for infos

August 10, 2008

Bjrk performed at the International Forum 2008, in Zaragoza, Spain with Toumani Diabat and his band. She performed Hope and what sounded like an improvised song with English words and some of her characteristic gibberish. Some fans speculate that this is the mysterious song hinted at in the podcast #1 (see 1:35-2:00). The Bjrk forum has dubbed this new song Softly, because of the same word sung in the podcast and and at the beginning of this song:  


Fulfilling every duty


mastering every detail


and if one attempts
one will eventually elevate above all struggle
above this nuisance
will be sensational


if one steadfastly attempts
and reflects all community
consistently cares
and insists on one at a time
one will eventually
elevate above all struggle
above daily nuisance

with the sensational
will all things (gibberish)

You can view the performance on YouTube

Links and sources: JaimieH and ekkert for some lyrics, Bjork.com 4um thread with reviews and pictures and more links.

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Coachella picture thanks to Bjorkish.net.

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