Caoz Ltd presents Anna and the Moods

Director Gunnar Karlsson

Story by Sjn

Voices by Terry Jones, Damon Albarn, Sjn and Bjork

Music written by Julian Nott

performed by the Brodsky Quartet

Producer Hilmar Sugurdsson

Story Summary

One day Anna the perfect child' wakes up with a horrible illness; she looks like Marilyn Manson and is terribly moody. When her parents take her to "Dr. Artmann's Clinic for the Unruly Child", she is tested in the mad doctor's labyrinth. The result is shocking: ANNA IS A TEENAGER! And Dr. Artmann's cure is not what Anna's parents had hoped for...




Dr. Artmann





kitty cat



Release date: February 2007

Running time: 27 minutes

Format: 16:9

Broadcasting rights in Iceland: Northern Lights

Animation: surreal and 3D

Brief History:

The Brodsky Quartet has performed a live version of Anna and the Moods on their tour which premiered in the United Kingdom in February 2003. It was funded by the Arts Council of England, with Sjn as narrator. The Brodsky Quartet collaborated with composers, singers, writers and designers in local schools. More than 300 students composed songs for voice and string quartet, wrote lyrics and designed a stage-set for Anna and the Moods




New Zealand: March - August 2007; TV

Paris, France: July 12, 2007; Film Festival

Toronto, Canada: June 17, 2007; Film Festival

Denmark: March? 2007, Film Festival

Finland: details unknown

Iceland: February 2007; Cinema



Caoz Ltd: The Icelandic company which is producing Anna. Caoz has also produced other short animation projects such as commercials and The Lost Little Caterpillar.    
Gunnar Karlsson: creates characters and environments  

Sjn: Wrote the story and voice of the Dr. Artmann.  Was nominated for Academy Awards for involvement in Lars von Triers Dancer in the Dark. He has performed the story live on tour with BQ in 2003. 

In the past, Sjn has worked with Bjork on the singles, Joga, Isobel, Bachlorette, Oceania and the film, Dancer in the Dark.


Terry Jones: Narrator of the film. Most known for being a part of Monty Python. Terry has directed and written both for film and TV projects and is active in writing children stories  

Damon Albarn: Voice of Anna's father. He is also known for his lead role in the British band Blur and voice in Gorillaz cartoons.  

Bjork: Voice of Anna. Known as the international pop star from Iceland with most recent album Medulla.  
Julian Nott: Composer of the music for Anna, Nott Is most known for composing the music for the fun cartoon Wallace and Gromit. Nott will also conduct the orchestra which will make the sound track.    
Brodsky Quartet: the British string quartet operating at the forefront of the international chamber music scene and renown for their bold and unusual collaborations with artists from different fields. The Brodsky Quartet has worked extensively with Bjork in the past. They have also done much to educate and excite younger generations about classical music.
Hilmar Sigurdsson: Hilmar is the Co-founder and Managing Director of CAOZ and is responsible overall for this project.  
            and the moods    
Anna: the protagonist with voice of Bjork. She wakes up one day a teenager and her parents don't know what to do.  

Dr. Artmann: Raised by wild boar in the forest he has a wild and unpredictable nature. Tending to side with the teenagers who are his specialty, he is truly a mad scientist. Voice by Sjn.


Dad: A timid travel agent who has forgotten his own teen heavy-metal-brother days.


Mom: A housewife who fears that Anna's teen years will be similar to her own secret rebel days.


Brother: The typical younger brother. He tries to bother Anna whenever he can.


Boyfriend: Dressed in the "goth" style with a shaved head, he is portrayed to appear the ultimate "bad" boyfriend. In the future he will become rich and famous with his own horror novels.

Kitty cat: I don't know anything about the cat but I think its cool that he has a mohawk.  



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