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Three new stills from the movie: 

One, Two, Three.

A review by uthlidian from the 4um: 

"Went to the premier of Anna and the Moods in the cinema [Smrab] last week [Feb 8] in Reykjavik and really enjoyed it.

Sounded and looked great on the big screen. Only saw it in English but they are also showing it in Icelandic.

Anna is the focus of the movie but Bjork does not have lot of dialog which is how it's written - very visual and the music plays a big role. Think it's great she got involved - totally fits with the collaborative way things work in Iceland - Icelandic artists support other Icelandic artists which is why they produce so much great stuff."

February 24, 2007

According to, the animation and design company Caoz, is already at work on a 26-episode series based on the lead character (Anna Young). BTW Bjork is not the voice for the series. Here's what says of the first episode:

"My name is Anna Young. Welcome to MY world! Mutant Lunches come alive. Alternate dimensions are closer then you think. Mad-scientist' dressed as the Crispy-Crunch Queen are the likeliest people to save your neck. And boys like Peter actually DO like girls like me. Remember to bring along you Duckanese Handbook. You'll need it where we're going."

Also, on the Caoz website, you can view some short animations of the main characters of Anna and the moods. Click on "Anna and the Moods" at the menu at the top and then there are 6 options to view. You can also see a short trailer for the pilot episode of Anna Young. 

February 4, 2007 has a new date on their website: February 9, 2007

December 23, 2006 announces January 5, 2007 as the release date! Also, There is an  article about the making of the film at

"The Icelandic writer Sjn awaits offers from Hollywood after the cartoon Anna and the Moods was premiered in Tjarnarb at the Reykjavik International Film Festival last weekend. One of the figures in the cartoon is based on Sjn's real life character. The cartoon is about half an hour and Gunnar Karlsson at Caoz is the director. Sjn wrote the script and is the storyteller who walks around the set as a cartoon figure.

"'I'm very happy about being a cartoon figure and hope I will receive more offers as this figure', says Sjn. 'I hope big production companies will see how clever this figure is and offer him a part in a big production cartoon. Preferably I would like to be cast in Toy Story 3, because the other two Toy Story films are among the best films that have come from Hollywood in recent years,' says Sjn.

"Actor Jhann Sigurjnsson is the voice of the storyteller and Sjn's figure, but in the English version Terry Jones, member of Monty Python, is his voice. The plan was that the figure would look like Terry Jones but one day I went to the Caoz office and Gunnar Karlsson had already created the figure based on my looks. 'I was very surprised but very happy also.'

"Anna and the Moods started as a story Sjn wrote and performed with the Brodsky quartet at a concert in England to a composition by Julian Nott. 'The figures came alive there but of course it was rewritten and adjusted for the cartoon,' says Sjn.

"Sjn speaks for a crazy doctor both in the Icelandic and English version, and Bjrk is the voice of Anna in the English version. 'In the Icelandic version lafa Hrnn is the voice of Anna, she is the Icelandic Bjrk,' says Sjn with a laugh.

"Anna and the Moods will be distributed after the New Year and Sjn says he is taking it easy these days. 'I don't have a book coming out before this Christmas, however I would like to work on a musical from Anna and the Moods, there is so much in Julian Nott's music that can be taken further,' says the poet and writer Sjn."

November 11, 2006, Thanks to freddy, and

I received a capture from Hilmar Sigursson, the producer of the film, this week. He said: "It contains her family; little brother, grandmother, mother and father."

To view the capture click here

May 30, 2006

Sjn posted an update on the forum today:

Hello, you all!
No, it is not Bjrk's voice on the trailer. It is my voice, taken from
a recording of the original Anna piece.
Bjrk came into the studio today and played the role of Anna. And
it goes without saying that her "LEAVE ME ALOOOOOOONE!!!" Is
far better than mine ...
Most of the film is narrated by Terry Jones from Monty Python but
Bjrk does all the lines for Anna ...
So, with Bjrk's voice in the can the work on Anna is going full force
with a delivery date in early June ...
All the best,

January 21, 2006, thanks BJ_Sturgeon has updated their website to state a new release time of Spring 2006. There is also a new inclusive picture of all the characters in the film.

December 27, 2005

"The film is still in production. We had to slow down for a while as we had to clear some matters, but we are now hoping to release the film in Q1 2006 :-)
We...hope we can have (updates on out there soon. Meanwhile, I can confirm that all voice recordings are in place apart from one." 

February 8, 2005, email from Hilmar Sigurdsson

The Brodsky Quartet will perform Anna and the Moods January 29 and February 5th at UK London, Blackheath Halls and Ireland Derry respectively.

December 18, 2004; and

The news item below is apparently a false alarm. What I think happened is that found an article online that was translated in Italian to say that the film was coming out in "December 2004" instead of "at the end of 2004." The original article however was from last summer and is not new information.

December 16, 2004 reports that Anna and the Moods will be premier in the United States in December of 2004!! I hope this is true :D

November 20, 2004 just added a fabulous special on Sjn and Bjork's collaboration on the song, Oceania. Sjn created the story of Anna and the Moods and is also the narrator of the film.

October 29, 2004

"recently, i came across a brochure for st. george's in bristol, england which listed a performance of "anna & the moods" by the brodsky quartet on sunday, 21 november 2004 at 3 PM. here's what it said:

The Brodsky Quartet returns to explore the unpredictable world of the young teenager. In Anna and the Moods, Icelandic writer Sjon tells how the perfect girl, Anna Young, suddenly turns her parents world upside down. Written for string quartet and narrator, this is a funny story with a mad twist, set to music by composer of Wallace and Gromit tunes, Julian Nott. Jazz genius Django Bates investigates where the string quartet comes from and lets us hear where it can end up. And what exactly did Ray Davies, John Tavener and Dave Brubeck do to Beethoven? An eclectic family show with works specially written for the Brodsky Quartet.

     "it is interesting to note that sjn performed the story live on tour with the brodsky quartet in 2003.
     "it is also interesting to note that st. george's is the venue where bjrk and the brodsky quartet played a secret gig in december of 1998."

September 4, 2004; elena in bjorkish


"It is in production. The voices being laid down one by one. Terry Jones from Monty Python was in Iceland two weeks ago to do his bit. Damon Albarn has done his nice little cameo. And Bjrk is soon to be in the studio for the role of Anna. The premiere should be in the second half of 2005."     


July 21, 2004; Sjn at the 4um


"Anna and the Moods will be presented as Work in Progress at the 27th Gteborg Film Festival in Sweden. The presentation is a part of the Nordic Event section of the Festival and this year the Festival decided to invite one project from each of the 5 Nordic countries to present a project in the making. Hilmar Sigurdsson, the Producer of Anna and the Moods will present the film at the Nordic Event...."


January 9, 2004

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 "Anna & The Moods is turning heads around everywhere she goes! Terry, Bjrk, Julian, Damon, Brodsky and Gunnar all know Anna and her moods too well!
     "It sure gives us real pleasure to have the world premiere of the trailer for this animated film, in which Bjrk, will in a special appearance, lend her voice to Anna, the perfect child that one day wakes up, looking like a sad version of Marilyn Manson..."


September 18, 2003

more at telegraph


"Terry Jones and Bjrk have joined the cast of the animated film Anna and the Moods, currently in development at CAOZ Ltd. in Reykjavik. Music is composed by Julian Nott and performed by the Brodsky Quartet. The film is directed and visually created by Gunnar Karlsson, is based on a story by Sjn who also is responsible for the script. Anna and the Moods is being produced by CAOZ of Reykjavik, mana...

     "...Bjrk, the internationally acclaimed pop-Diva will in a special appearance, lend her voice to Anna, the perfect child that one day wakes up, looking like a sad version of Marlyn Manson. Her appearance in the film marks history, at is her first film work since starring in Lars von Triers Dancers in the Dark which earned her the Best Performance by an Actress at the Cannes film festival..."


August 28, 2003

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     (The Icelandic digital design and animation company) CAOZ Ltd. has set in development a new 30 min. TV Film with the aim of premiering in December 2004.
    " One day Anna the perfect child' wakes up with a horrible illness; she looks like Marilyn Manson and is terribly moody. When her parents take her to "Dr. Artmann's Clinic for the Unruly Child", she is tested in the mad doctor's labyrinth. The result is shocking: ANNA IS A TEENAGER! And Dr. Artmann's cure is not what Anna's parents had hoped for ...
     "Anna and the Moods is written by Academy Award nominated Icelandic writer SJN on a commission by the Brodsky Quartet, the British string quartet operating at the forefront of the international chamber music scene and renown for their bold and unusual collaborations with artists from different fields.
     "Julian Nott sets Sjn's story to music. He is the composer of six Academy Award nominated films, amongst them are Nick Park's world famous Wallace and Gromit films.
     "The live performance of Anna and The Moods premiered on a Brodsky Quartet concert tour in the United Kingdom in February 2003, funded by the Arts Council of England, with Sjn as narrator.

     "The new film will be directed and visually created by Gunnar Karlsson of CAOZ..."


June 30, 2003

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