Anna and the Moods

To be released 2005

A small voice

Looking at the list of people involved in the short film, I find myself wondering if it was possible for Bjork not to be included. Not only does the Quartet play a major role in the development of the film, Sjon, whom Bjork has collaborated with on many projects over the years, wrote the story and is the narrator. Not to mention that the animation company in charge of the project, Caoz, is located in Iceland. 

Bjork's involvement: the voice of protagonist, Anna.

The Quartet's involvement is extensive: They will provide the sound track music for the film. Originally they also played the music live in concert much in the style of Peter and the Wolf. Sjon narrated as they accompanied. The Quartet also commissioned student artists to compose parts of the music and build stage pieces for the live production. 

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