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BBC radio 3 show, January 22, 2002

The British radio station interviewed Paul Cassidy from the Quartet about Bjork and their working relationship. Two songs from the Union Chapel concerts were broadcast.

Program: (transcription)

1. interview part 1

2. Anchor song 

3. interview part 2

4. Unravel


Post Tour 

The Quartet also joined Bjork on part of her Post tour. The Bjork.com gigography does not specify in which concerts they played.


Quote from brodskyquartet.co.uk:
Paul Cassidy: We joined "Björk on her UK tour. We opened the concerts in places like Sheffield Arena, playing string quartets by Stravinsky and Szymanski before being joined by Björk to do four songs at which point the band kicked in and we bowed out."

Bjork performed at the Sheffield Arena, Jan 19, 1996
thanks goes to jocelyn for the date of the radio show
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