St. Georges Chapel, Bristol, England
Dec. 4, 1998

Connecting the dots

Not much is known about this secret gig. 

What we do know: It was acoustic and some 300 people attended. There were some video and audio recordings made but they have not surfaced.. 

Songs: My Funny Valentine, Its oh so Quiet, Hunter, Joga, a Burt Bacharach song, Elvis Costello songs and unknown others. It spanned about 2 hours.

"Famous for its exceptionally fine acoustic, St George's Bristol also prides itself on attracting an ever growing number of the world's leading musicians to Bristol - from Alfred Brendel, Sir Simon Rattle and John Williams to Elvis Costello and Björk. Whatever your musical preference, we can offer an imaginative and diverse programme of events, embracing jazz, world music and opera, together with the very best in classical music."
the grapewire at dated Dec. 7, 1998
"A monumental concert was held in Bristol on Friday 4th of December where Björk and The Brodsky Quartet played together for the first time in a whole evening of music. They played among others My funny Valentine, It's oh so quiet, Hunter, Jóga and a Burt Bacharach song. Expect to see some visual footage from this evening hopefully this week." (note: no footage surfaced that I know about).

Quote courtesy of the bjorkfiles. Fiction 1998-11 By Nick Lisher "Hunter gatherer"

"Rumours of Björk's proposed gig in Bristol have been confirmed. Again, it is intended to be something out of the ordinary - she is playing with the Brodsky Quartet, and tickets are very hard to come by. 'It's very different - that's kind of them asking me to be a guest. They just do their songs or whatever and then I just come and join in - but it's going to be very different from everything I've done - just for the heck of it!'"

Ultimate Intimate releases archive:

"In December 1998 Björk performed in a church in Bristol to 300 people acoustically (absolutely no amplication) with the Brodsky Quartet, the quartet who recorded with Elvis Costello on his "Juliet Letters' album. This was very successful, so much so that she may do a few more concerts and recording of an album release at some pointed to be determined. The content was basically one hour of Björk songs and one hour of covers (Elvis Costello to Burt Baccharach). (Source: Bjork Fanclub)"

The UI also reported that:

"There was so little time to rehearse that she hadn't even heard some of [the arrangements] before the concert itself!"

Many thanks to Elena who inspired and helped me. (quote slightly edited):

"I recently went to see (a concert) at st. george's in bristol. while i was there i wondered if this could be the place where the gig happened.  when i got home, we looked online and found the picture attached.  that picture is definitely from st. georges."

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