far and few between

Telegram-- November 1996

track 2; Hyperballad




Its Oh So Quiet single-November 1995

track 2; Hyperballad



The Best of the Brodsky Quartet-- 2000

track 3; Hyperballad

Moodswings--March 2005

track 5; I've Seen It All

John Tavener collection; 2004

disc 2, track 2; A Prayer for the Heart

Family Tree strings discs

disc 1 

1. unravel
2. cover me
3. possibly maybe
4. the anchor song
5. hunter

note: some of these are studio recordings from 1995 and some are live recordings from the Union Chapel in 1999.



disc 2

1. all neon like
2. i've seen it all
3. bachlorette
4. play dead


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