The Beginning

The Brodsky Quartet's first project with Bjork was the arrangement of Hyperballad. It became the second track on the remix album Telegram released in November 1996 and a Bside for the single Its Oh So Quiet. It is also included in the Quartet's Best Of album. 

Other songs recorded with the Quartet in 1995 are included on the Family Tree strings discs.

Bjork and string music:  

"Our struggle with education and all things academic—in my case, ten years of classical music training where I was force-fed German composers then spent the next fifteen battling them: if we were going to invent a new Icelandic modern musical language then where did Brahms and Beethoven come into it? After all these years, string arrangements have enabled me to unite my musical universe with the academic one. Appears here as my collaborations with the Brodsky quartet in 1995."

~from family tree boxset.

How they met:
"It was on hearing The Juliet Letters and seeing us play it live, that Björk contacted us to do a string arrangement of her song Hyperballad, which became the B-side of her huge hit single It’s oh so quiet. The next step was to join Björk on her UK tour. We opened the concerts in places like Sheffield Arena, playing string quartets by Stravinsky and Szymanski before being joined by Björk to do four songs at which point the band kicked in and we bowed out. At acoustic concerts in Bristol and the Union Chapel in London we performed 23 songs together, mostly our versions of Björk’s songs but we also threw in some Monk and Bacarach. When John Tavener wrote Prayer of the Heart for Björk and the Quartet the boundaries of our two musical worlds completely dissolved." 

from brodskyquartet.co.uk

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