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August 11, 2008

Rumors of Bjrk and Radiohead's Thom Yorke recording a song entitled Nattura are confirmed by "Bjrk's camp." Read more at Pitchfork. See also the Icelandic website detailing the environmental cause this song is championing: Nattura.info. The single is to be released October 20 of this year.  

Thanks to Jocelyn, pitchfork, and the bjork.com 4um for infos

August 10, 2008

Bjrk performed at the International Forum 2008, in Zaragoza, Spain with Toumani Diabat and his band. She performed Hope and what sounded like an improvised song with English words and some of her characteristic gibberish. Some fans speculate that this is the mysterious song hinted at in the podcast #1 (see 1:35-2:00). The Bjrk forum has dubbed this new song Softly, because of the same word sung in the podcast and and at the beginning of this song:  


Fulfilling every duty


mastering every detail


and if one attempts
one will eventually elevate above all struggle
above this nuisance
will be sensational


if one steadfastly attempts
and reflects all community
consistently cares
and insists on one at a time
one will eventually
elevate above all struggle
above daily nuisance

with the sensational
will all things (gibberish)

You can view the performance on YouTube

Links and sources: JaimieH and ekkert for some lyrics, Bjork.com 4um thread with reviews and pictures and more links.

June 13, 2008

Will Damian Taylor, member of Bjork's live Volta band, make an album with Bjork soon? An article at sonicstate.com says, "Mainly, though, he's very excited about working with Bjrk in the studio again to further develop and explore the methods and lessons they learned from these new instruments in her live shows."

Indeed, his website confirms that he is currently working on Bjork's next album with her. 

sources: freddy, tenori-on.yamaha-europe.com/uk/, sonicstate.com, damiantaylor.com

September 1, 2007

On August 23, 2007, at Bjrk's concert in Nmes, the brass girls played a new song as they and Bjrk walked onto the stage. Most people at the concert didn't hear it because they were cheering so much. It segueys into Innocence. 

The song is a traditional Icelandic tune called Brenni i Vitar. Bjrk has mentioned it in the past as having influenced her arrangement for Where is the Line. 

You can listen to the song on Youtube

sources: tour blog, youtube, qna, bjork.com 4um, gigography

August 12, 2007


Last year I overlooked a major event! In December 2005, Icelandic artist GKO (aka Godkrist, aka Gulli) released his album, Densetime- The Naughty Nought, which included songs Patre and Zontal


These are two of the "lost" Elger Sisters songs Bjrk and Gulli recorded 1984-1986 on an 11 song demo tape. Three of the songs, Glra, Stgu Mig, and Sasta g were released as Debut B-sides. 


Patre is sung by Bjrk and a poem read over the top. I believe Zontal is instrumental with a poem read over it but I have not been able to find a copy of this release to listen to for myself. For more information see wikipedia or myspace where you can even listen to Zontal and Patre (which is labeled as Densetime)


June 19, 2007

Other than Trance, some new songs perhaps exist or will exist in the future! This is all speculation of course:

1.  According to the NY Times, when Bjork and Toumani Diabate got together to collaborate in Mali, "he played and she sang, trying lyrics she had brought until the syllables fit and they had a few songs. She chose Hope and handed another one to him. She said, Take this and use it any way you like."

2. When Timbaland and Bjork worked together, they created up to seven songs. Three made it to Volta. Perhaps the other four will surface someday?

3. Upon viewing the iTunes Bjork podcast #1, there is a bit of a song played at 1:30. Some say it sounds like Hope, yet it is a bit different too. 

4. The myspace profile, itishardtofindabandname, has another "song" called "work in progress." Not sounding like anything on Volta, perhaps it will surface as a B-side? 

Sources: bjork.fr, hyperinsane, martin

June 5, 2007

Anticipation for Bjork's new album, Volta, produced many rumors before it was released. Most of the rumors were either proved true or false when the album was heard by all. One remains a mystery. What of this mysterious song Trance? Perhaps it was renamed and is part of the album now. Or, perhaps it will reappear as a future Bside? One can only wonder. 

Thanks to JamieH

March 20, 2007 

Bjork made an appearance at Baron, a small elite club in Paris March 14. She, along with musician Mattias Mimoun on piano, performed a casual cover of techno band 2 Unlimited's song, No Limit. See the video

Source: bjork.fr

March 16, 2007

An interview with Bjork and Meredith Monk is broadcast on Counterstream radio today. In the past Bjork has covered Meredith Monk's song, Gotham Lullabye in concerts. 

source: bjork.com 4um

March 13, 2007

Bjork will finally release her cover of Joni Mitchell's The Boho Dance on the album A Tribute to Joni Mitchell. Recorded way back in 1999/2000 It is set for release on April 24, 2007 by Nonesuch Records. (shhhh its already leaked on you tube). 

January 28, 2007

Rumors! Along with confirmed info of Bjork's new album and appearance at festivals also comes a myriad of unconfirmed rumors: 

One, is that Bjork will make a guest appearance on Timbaland's own album scheduled to be released in March. (Billboard) (edit: this proved false)

Two, is that Bjork will make a guest appearance on Valgeir's album to be released in May. (Thanks tomek77) (edit: this proved false)

Lets hope these are more than just rumors and we can all get our ears on more Bjork goodies!

  December 23, 2006

A rumor is resurrected: A number or years ago (I forget how many now), Bjork was rumored to have recorded Boho Dance, a Joni Mitchell cover. Like so many of her collaborations and experiments however the song never emerged. 

Now, Billboard.com, and Entertainmentwise.com both report a Joni Mitchell tribute album will be released in the spring and give a track list. 

Free Man in Paris - Sufjan Stevens
Boho Dance - Bjork
Dreamland - Caetano Veloso
Don't Interrupt the Sorrow - Brad Mehldau
For the Roses - Cassandra Wilson
A Case of U - Prince
Blue - Sarah McLachlan
Ladies of the Canyon - Annie Lennox
Magdalena Laundries - Emmylou Harris
Edith and the Kingpin - Elvis Costello
Help Me - k.d. lang
River - James Taylor

I hope the rumor is true this time! It would make an exciting birthday present to myself. 

Thank you to the Bjork.com 4um and neemer5

July 2, 2006

On the release of the Surrounded boxset, the Drawing Restraint 9 DVD contains a bonus track, Petrolatum, which was not included in the original release. You can purchase the boxset from One Little Indian

May 30, 2006

An update on Anna and the Moods from Hilmar Sigursson

  November 9, 2005

On November 6, Bjork appeared in honor of Meredith Monk's forty year career at Carnegie hall in New York. Bjork, along with Zeena Parkins on harp, performed Gotham Lullaby

Update: The gig was supposedly recorded but nothing has surfaced to my knowledge. 

Source: Bjork.com 

September 28, 2005

Bjork contributed a song to Gabriella's new album Tetralogia rumored to be a bonus CD at the 2005 Venezia festival. Gabriella has worked with Bjork in the past on the Family Tree box set and Where is the Line video. The song, North, has samples from the making of Medulla dvd.

Some tracks from the album:

North: Bjork Gudmundsdottir et Erna Omarsdottir
South: Borgar Thor Magnason - upright bass
East: Aureloe Charneux - clarinette et contrebasse
West: Jonas Sen - piano 

thank you to Freddy, .::instrumentale::. and Jocelyn for info 
July 28, 2005

The Drawing Restraint 9 soundtrack, a collaboration between Bj�rk and Matthew Barney, was released July 25. You can buy it at One Little Indian. 

Nameless, a song that was previously only sung live during Bjork's greatest hits tour in 2003, is released on the soundtrack as Storm
March 12, 2005 

The Brodsky Quartet has included a recording of their collaboration with Bjork in the song I've Seen It All on their new album Mood Swings. This song has also been released on Bjork's Family Tree album. 

The album can be purchased in the UK and on the quartet's online store. 

In other news, Bjork.com has announced the track list of the upcoming Army of Me charity album.
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