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Plaid, Not for Three's
Plaid's Not for Three's album.
1. Abla Eedio 7:56  
2. Kortisin 5:23  
3. Headspin 5:34  
4. Myopia 4:32  
5. Lat 0:46  
6. Extork 4:11  
7. Prague radio  4:45  
8. Fer 4:35  
9. Ladyburst 4:19  
10. Rakimou 5:02  
11. Seph 1:36  
12. Lilith 4:38 Featuring Björk
13. Forever 1:16  
14. Getting 2:55  
15. Milh 5:25  
16. Undoneson 4:15
17. Spudink 4:44
You can have me
But I'll defend my child
By spring that child will die

Oh deli owowow etc.

Moon... moon... moon...

I'm just so warm, Jennifer
and I'm coming over
to sa-bo-tage our distance

Moon will leave me on
Moon will guide me through, baby
Moon will guide me through
Moon will turn me on

I just don't care anymore
'Cause my chord is calling
It's me and truth
It's home
I'm at home with truth alone

Moon will leave me on
Moon will guide us through
Moon will guide us through, baby
Moon will turn me on

The moon
It guides me on baby
There's absolutely no doubt
Me and truth
It's home
I'm at home with truth alone
Who Is Plaid?
Formerly Involved in Black Dog Productions (a group, not a company as the name alludes), Ed Handley, Andy Turner minus Ken Downie, created Plaid.
The duo construct what I have seen described as semi-experimental
electronic, techno, ambient, trance, drum/base music.
the group has released 4 albums,
Not for Three's being the first.

"The group recorded several albums and EPs throughout the early and mid-'90s, helping to forge a style of dance music one step
removed from the 12-inch considerations of the averagefaceless techno art."
(Windows media guide artist profile)

*Black Dog produtions remixed Come To Me on the Big Time Sensuality single in 1993, and the Anchor Song released for a promo vinyl on the Debut album, and later for a white label Debut remix compilation.
*Black Dog did programming and keyboards for Charlene in 1996.
*Black Dog also co-produced, programmed and did the keyboards for Sweet Intuition on the Army of Me single, in 1995.
*Plaid remixed Cover Me on the Hyper-ballad single CD2, in February 1996.
*Plaid remixed
Big Time Sensuality for the Possibly Maybe box set, CD3. Nov. 1996
*Plaid remixed All Is Full Of Love, for its single released June 1999 on CD2 (even better than the original IMHO!).
Who is Lilith?
    Many different ancient Jewish myths of Lilith exist. Here is my summary: God first Adam with a masculine face looking forward and a feminine face looking back. God then separated the two, making the feminine face, Lilith and the masculine face, Adam. Whenever Adam took Lilith to lay with her, she was repulsed because she did not want to be under him as if unequal to him (she was afterall originally part of his own body). She  therefore forsook Eden.
    The myth continues as God then created Eve from Adam's rib. Lilith was jealous of the new couple's children and so became a demoness character, killing the babies in their cribs at night. Her powers to kill them were limited however: She could not touch the babies if they had symbols on them marked from Heaven, and after the 8th day (circumcision) for boys and the 20th day for girls.
    If she could not find any human children to kill she would kill her own children. Lilith would seduce men sleeping alone and lay with them creating demon children. Lilith also became a snake, tempting Adam and Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve were then banished from the garden.
Although LIlith is a Jewish character, through the middle ages and Renaisance, in several Edenic paintings Christians personified the snake in the garden with a female head. One example is below. It is a detail from
Temptation and Fall by Michelangelo from the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.
For More about the mythical character Lilith, go HERE
Bjork co-wrote and sang Lilith for the electronic duo Plaid. The song was released on Plaid's first album, Not for Three's, in October 1997.
The album is released by Nothing Records. Guitar by Benet, accordian by Coba.
Song Interpretation:
The Lilith symbol in modern usage means something besides a demoness that kills children, but the first verse seems to deal with the older usage from the Talmud. Here's an interpretation that makes a little sense:
The first two lines are not spoken by Lilith, but by some victim's mother:
You can have me
But I'll defend my child

This is Lilith predicting success:
By spring that child will die
    Lilith in modern usage has been associated with lesbianism (if she won't sleep with Adam maybe she likes girls?), possibly because gay women want to be associated with her perceived independence and strength. I think that's unfortunate in that it promotes the convolution of character and sexual preference. The next part is:
I'm just so warm, Jennifer
and I'm coming over
to sa-bo-tage our distance

    Her departure from Eden could be described as leaving the light of heaven for the outer darkness. She has been described as queen of the night, and has been appropriated by some Vampire mythologists:
Moon will lead me on
Moon will guide me through, baby
Moon will guide me through
Moon will turn me on

    The part about truth comes from her insistance on just treatment based on equality with Adam. It results in her losing her home in Eden:
Me and truth
It's home
I'm at home with truth alone

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