Oh boy
Where have i put my keys
I've looked in my pocket
Behind the newspaper
And underneath the remote control
And i cannot find where i put it again

Oh boy i cannot find my keys
I'm far too late
The door is open now
A taxi is waiting there
Ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah

A phone keeps ringing
I am definitely not going to
Pick it up
When I grow up
I'm gonna get those fancy key-rings
That you whistle at
And they whistle right back
At you

Ah ah ah ah ah
Bah pah bah pah...
Shiny Battery Home
Domestica was released as a Bside on the Pagan Poetry single disc 2, November 2001. Pagan Poetry
was the second single off of
Bjork's fourth studio album.

Domestica is a collaboration between Bjork
and Valgier Sigurdsson.

Track list: 1.Pagan Poetry 2.Domestica 3.Batabid

Domestica working title: Lost keys
Pagan Poetry
Domestika was the working title for the album that became Vespertine.
Many fans wonder if the change in name came because of a change in the concept of the album. Here is what Bjork says:
Well, in a way, the first song for Vespertine was "All Is Full of Love" [the last track on Homogenic]. When I wrote that song, it was kind of a new page for me. It sort of busted out the back of Homogenic. I think I saw very clearly where I wanted to go in the next album. Domestika was all about trying to create a paradise in your own home, a very introverted euphoria, a quiet ecstatic state, in that you're self-sufficient with your heaven. You don't need stimuli from the outside world. All you need is imagination and human spirit, and faith to want to get there. So I started recording just little noises around the house, like with pencils and toasters and pots and pans, trying to limit myself that I could only use stuff around the house. Half a year ago when the album was ready, everything about it was domestic. So I thought, OK, we've acquired that in an audio sense; we don't have to be so literate about the title.
I thought I'd maybe go for more of the poetic, prayer-like aspect on the album with the title. Because if I were to ever do a prayer album, it'd be this one - Vespertine being vespers, evening prayers. And also because the whole thing was done at winter time in Iceland, when there is only one hour of daylight a day. So it's quite nocturnal, like hibernation. Vespertine means things that come out in the dark and shine, or islands that come out in the dark, and I wanted to stress that angle - all the noises on the album are trying to be winter-like, or frozen, like the harp and the swan and the music boxes. And celesta, of course, being an ultimate winter instrument.

More on the working title Domestika:
The name refers to an island which I use in my work. It's a mental island. It's very flexible and portable *laughs*. It's a laptop. Thanks to my laptop, I can write everything by myself and I don't need help from people I don't know. Isn't it amazing? It's very alternating and I feel like it's a great challenge for my individuality.
quotes from the about&about section of
On the single, Its In Our Hands
disc1, the third track,
All is Full of Love is performed live and samples part of Domestica. The sample is at the end of the track.

Domestica is a more playful and silly than the whole Vespertine mood, but retains the more subtle, sparkling "wintery" sound all of the reviewers keep talking about.
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