Foot Soldier is a Bside off of the Hidden Place single disc 2. 

Released in August 2001, Hidden Place was the first single off of Bjork's 4th studio album, Vespertine. 

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"...Foot Soldier is a trippy song co-written by mark bell (who also co-wrote pluto). the best part about it is that björk is playing harp!!! but the song itself is great. it seems to get more agressive as it goes along, just angrier as it goes. Then ends mysteriously. it slightly reminds me of Heirloom..."
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"...With its cascade of distorted harp and its stuttering Mark Bell beats, "Foot Soldier," like bitter previous b-sides 'Scary' and 'Sod Off,' demonstrates the violent side Björk usually hides..."

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"...The final song, 'Foot Soldier' is reminescent of two of Bjork's Homogenic-era songs, 'Hunter' and 'My Snare,' with a Vespertine flavor. The lyrics are like 'Hunter''s and the groovy, mellow beat is like 'My Snare''s. This song that starts out mellow , however, quickly crescendos into an all-out war cry: 'you go first/ conquer the darkness!' An exellent companion to 'Hidden Place pt. One.'"

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foot soldier
March ahead....
You will take the first step!

Foot soldier
You're babystepping
Carefully treading
Tread carefully!

Conquer the darkness!!

Into the darkness, foot soldier!
And then we'll follow
But you go first, march ahead!
Foot soldier!
But you go first, foot soldier
March ahead!

Foot soldier, march ahead
Foot soldier, march ahead!
Foot soldier!

Who will take the first step?

      lyrics from Vespertine special         Thanks to Unreality XI for the artwork