K o m i

It means COME in Icelandic. thanks to Jocelyn

Komi is the bonus track for the Japanese release of Medulla...Medulla is Bjork's fifth studio album. 

The Japanese release of Medulla was released August 25th 2004, six days before the release in the United States.  


The Japanese release came with a obi strip and an insert with the tracks and lyrics in Japanese. 

pictures of the insert and strip.


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It is the fifteenth track. Bjork is the sole vocal performer which she programmed herself. There are at least three layers of her voice.


Komi  is not a technically a B-side. That term is reserved to refer to songs released on a single which are not also available on the LP. Medulla did not have any B-sides. 

The song is sung in  gibberish. She does sing "Nna er komi a mr", which is Icelandic for
"It's my turn now".

thanks to johnathan

Japan is the only country that has an extra track on its release. This is because Japanese CDs are so expensive (about $35 or $40) a bonus track is an incentive to buy it instead of the cheaper imports. 
she sings her infamous "alt sem hann sr" which is a based on her native Icelandic. It is said to mean something like "everything that he sees." thanks to lots of people on forums.
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