Mouth's Cradle
the beats sound like a musical for a space ship, the words; wonderfully simple and profound.
Mouth's Cradle is a new song, only played twice on Bjork's Greatest Hits tour of 2003:
Seattle at Pier 62/63, Aug15
Morrison Colorado at the Redrocks Amphitheatre, Aug18
NOTE: This page will be kept as an archive of the adventures of Mouth's Cradle before its release on Medulla. It will not be updated. For more info please see or's Medulla special.
UPDATE, August 2, 2004. BBC Radio 1 played a version of Mouth's Cradle today off of the new album. They also played The Pleasure is All Mine and a remix of Alarmcall.
UPDATE, July 16, 2004, Mouth's Cradle is on the official track list of the new album, Medulla, on the Telegraph to see the whole track list (or the front page of;year=2004
To wet our appetities this is what Bjork said on the Q&A section in September. Perhaps there is more to come?
Q: Why was Mouth's Cradle performed only twice, and were the venues it was played at lined up ahead of time?
A: i was looking for more spontanousity . i can be spontanious as a singer on stage but it is hard for me with an instrument . i would like to learn it though
UPDATE, July 14, 2004, Mouth's Cradle is on a track list of the new album, Medulla, according to View the entire list at's medulla special.
UPDATE, June 26, 2004, Bjork has perhaps given us a clue that Mouth's Cradle will be on the new album, Medulla.
In an interview for she says "I think this was probably the most intuitive album I've done," she continues. "I had to use ingredients that I trusted, like my voice, my muscles, my bones. I couldn't really use all the other stuff."
Connecting some dots together Pretentious_guy from 4um says of Mouth's Cradle, "The lyrics are all about teeth and bones."
UPDATE March 17, 2004: Mouth's Cradle, as well as the other new songs from the GH tour, is part of a New Special on called Organ Cries. The special alludes that a studio version of the song will be available by late summer 2004... perhaps as part of the new album? (nicknamed the Lake album).
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The new creations from Bjork draw inspirations from Matmos (made many beats for Bjork and toured with her last summer), Tagaq (A Canadian Inuit singer who sang some solo intros to Hidden Place and An Echo A Stain during the Vespertine tour), Valgeir (a producer and engineer on Vespertine and Dancer in the Dark),
The sound of Mouth's Cradle is based on a loop of a voice sample, perhaps a feedback loop, or as one fan paraphrased, "an electric sound based on a natural one."
Another fan described the music as "totally embryonic, because it was based on the vocals that she was recording in her Powerbook during Desired Constellation, and fixed them thru protools." Other fans describe it as "repetative synthetic glitch noise" or "spacey."
On stage with Bjork was Matmos, the electronic duo; Zeena Parkins, who played the electronic harp and various other instruments; and the Icelandic String Octet.
The lyrics at the two venues were slightly different. See both below on the left.
In Seattle:
There is yet another one
that stays always with me, and smiles
always loves me
always loves me
always loves me

I'm gonna
take this step into his mouth's cradle
I'm gonna follow his teeth step by step
walk up his teeth into a mouth's cradle
mouth's cradle

there is yet
another one
there is yet another one

Bjorkish jibberish

there is yet another one
there is yet anothter one

At Redrocks:
There is
there is yet another one
that always nurtures me and always loves me

there is yet another one

I'm gonna
walk up these teeth
teeth, by, teeth
up this ladder
to a mouth's cradle
a mouth's cradle
mouth's cradle
mouth's cradle

there is yet
another one
there is yet another one
The set list for the Seattle show August 15, 2003:

1. Unravel
2. Hunter
3. Joga
4. Scary
5. Aurora
6. Desired Constellation
7. Mouth's Cradle
8. Heirloom
9. Pagan Poetry
10. Scatterheart
11. Bachelortte
12. All is full of love
13. Hyper-ballad
14. Its in our hands (SPT mix)
15. Pluto
The set list for the Redrocks show, August 18, 2003:

1. I've seen it all
2. Scatterheart
3. Joga
4. Hunter
5. Desired Constellation
6. Mouth's Cradle
7. Heirloom
8. All is full of love
9. Sidasta Eg
10. Pagan Poetry
11. Bachelorette
12. Hyper-ballad
13. Its in our hands (SPT mix)
14. Pluto
15. Generous Palmstroke
16. Human Behavior
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