I am the continent,
working with the moon
No one even knows me
But I'm always cold and blue

I revolve around the earth
There are worlds of things within me.
My belly's always full
freedom's glides on surface
Yes, my heart is deep within
Nations dive and trust me
Nations dive and trust me
I lay them at my shores
They dance with me in time.
You show me continents
I see the islands
You count the centuries
I blink my eyes
Bjork: Hawks and Sparrows
Kelis: Theres no one I can't reach
Bjork: Race in my waters
Kelis: Only I reflect the sky
Bjork: Stingrays are floating across the sky
Kelis: My power yes is infinite

I do this all for you
Bjork: Little Ones
Kelis: I do this all for you
Bjork: My sons and my daughters,
Kelis: I do this all for you

Kelis & Bjork: Your sweat is salty, I am why

Bjork sang Oceania at the 2004 winter Olympics. Although Oceania was not released as a single there was a bit of promotional material played on radio--this duet included. The duet was later released on the Who Is It single. 
Bjork answered a Q+A question about the duet on 

Q: Did sjn write the lyrics that kelis sings in the oceania remix? And, do you think you will work with Kelis on more songs?

A: kelis wrote her own words in the song . it was her idea . she wrote it from the point of view of the continents , mother earth . sounded great . i was well chuffed she made such an effort . i would love to do more stuff with her sometimes , itd be fun to start from scratch and be in the same room whilst working !!

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