Space Ghost
Bjork sings in jibberish to the accompiament of snare drum, triangle and hand symbols.
Space Ghost
The Space Ghost song is sung in the opening /closing credits of an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast called Knifin' Around aired in 2001. Bjork recorded the song especially for the episode. It is sung in jibberish.
The Space Ghost Song, does not have an official name and is also called Knifin' Around by some fans. I call it The Space Ghost Song to avoid confusion because in the same episode there is a song that Space Ghost himself sings: "I'm a knife, I like to cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut...." The name of the episode is also Knifin' Around.
  Space Ghost Coast to Coast is on Adult Swim of the Cartoon Network. The show is not what one would call "quality" animation yet the simplicity of the animation contributes to the slightly askew humor which is quite witty and very funny. The first pilot show was made on a budget of $20.
Space Ghost was originally a Hanna Barbara cartoon show that aired in 1966 and 1981.Today the animation from the old show is recycled and spliced into a parady of a late night talk show for the Cartoon Network spinoff Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
   In this episode Space Ghost interviews Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Bjork plays plays Space Ghost's wife.
Space Ghost fun below:
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Where do the interviews come from?
     Space Ghost Coast to Coast has been part of the Cartoon Network since 1994. The show features real guest stars, who communicate with Space Ghost via satellite and appear on the set in a television monitor. Each episode also includes some sort of subplot, which usually disrupts the program in one way or another. "I just like the concept of an animated superhero talking to real people," says Keith Crofford, a Producer who has been with the show since the beginning. Crofford makes sure that Space Ghost has no concept of celebrity and interviews the guests on an incredibly superficial level. Talent coordinator Isabel Gonzalez talks with the publicists for a variety of celebrities on the wish list. Guests are then interviewed in Atlanta or Los Angeles or New York CNN facilities. Not everyone who is asked to appear on the show agrees. Crofford says the holdouts are usually "people who just don't quite get the joke."
   During the interview, Willis will sit slightly off-screen and ask the celebrities to address him as Space Ghost. Then come the "completely and utterly ridiculous questions," including inquiries regarding super powers, secret identities, and challenges for staring contests. When the show was first being produced, guests were pretty confused by the bizarre questions. Since people are becoming more familiar with the program, however, Willis says they are getting "a lot less of that."
   The script is written after the interview has been taped, which means producers are free to edit the content for humor. "We generally have to rework it," says Willis. The interview is reviewed by either an in-house writer or one of several freelancers from across the country. "We work a script until we're happy with it," Willis explains. "Bizarre is always
cool. We want to be funny, and we don't want to spoof other people. We want to be this individual, original show."
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**The bootleg Bring the Eskimos
Fresh Air of NPR did a special on Mike Lazzo, the co-creator of the show. Click on the auto link to hear the show.
The Script
Knifin' Around
Interested in the original Space Ghost cartoon?
What about Bjork's interview?
     Bjork wears two different outfits and hairstyles throughout the show, causing one to wonder if the show was comprised of other interviews from Bjork's past along with her interview for
Space Ghost. One fans says "From the look of her hair I'd say it was recorded after Post and before Homogenic. I think she recorded it after the I Miss You video shoot." Another fan surmises, "Perhaps they had some unused clips of Bjork and Thom Yorke and thought to put them together given the Selmasongs (I've Seen It All) duet."