So broken,
In pieces,
My heart is so broken,
I'm puzzling.

Here I go
Trying to run ahead of that,
Heart break train,
It will never catch up with me.

I'm so broken,
So broken,

I'm trying to land,
This aeroplane of ours gracefully,
But it seems just destined to crash,

I'm so broken,
My heart is so broken,
Yeah, ha-ee, ha-ee, ha-mmm,

How can, how can,
And I sense
All continuity
Has vanished away 
At one step at a time now baby
I'm so broken
I' broken
Yeah, ha-ee, ha-ee, ha-mmm

I'm so...
Completely unhealable, baby
I'm so broken
Yeah, ha-ee, ha-ee, ha-mmm

mostly quoted from alwaysontherun

So Broken is perhaps the most emotionally abject track Bjork has ever recorded

So Broken appears on the Jóga single CD2, as well the pre-release promo. 

released September 1997
1. Joga
2. Sod Off
3. Immature, bjork's version
4. So Boken

Joga was the first single off of Bjork's third studio album



Homogenic special on

Joga special on


An excellent instrumental version also appears on the Its In Our Hands single CD2, the Live box and the 

Jools Holland DVD. It was recorded October 16, 1998.

Its In Our Hands CD2

released November 2002


1. Its In Our Hands Soft Pink Truth mix (Matmos) 
2. It’s In Our Hands Arcade Mix 
3. So Broken – Live (Jools Holland)

Live Box released August 2003 and June 3, 2004

DVD Later with Jools Holland 

released September 2003

1. Hyperballad
2. Venus as a boy
3. Possibly Maybe
4. Bachelorette
5. So Broken
6. Joga


What Bjork Says about So Broken: 

I recorded 'So Broken' that infamous week for me, the week of the bomb. The only way for me to write a song about it was just to take the piss. I wrote it in my house hitting the table singing, 'I'm so broken (in corny, overwrought voice), ole!' I was going to have the sound of washing dishes and three kids screaming; it would be a soap opera. Then I went to the studio in Spain and met the flamenco guitarist who plays on the track and stayed there for six months recording. 
Raygun, September 1997


More about So Broken:

--The flamenco guitarist featured in the studio version is Raimundo Amador. The live version with Jools Holland features Raimundo Amador and Juan Luis.


--Most Bjork fans prefer the live version because of Bjork's depth of feeling. Her voice in the studio version

is distorted to perhaps fit better with the concept of the album. Since it is on the promo disc we can surmise that it was originally going to be on Homogenic.


--Bjork twice performed a fabulous 10 minute improvisation of So Broken. One was at the 4th International Indie Festival in Spain on August 19, 1998. 


--You can listen to So Broken at these locations

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