Review By: bobbytrenks, Date: 2004-02-27
   I just got this in the mail today, and I've watched it at least 5 times already. It's that good. Its sorta a cross of a tour video mixed with a "ON video" type of documentary. It works really well. The editing is really slick, and you kinda get into the heads of all the Choco riders. Before the video actually starts, theres a little "Chocolate history lesson" They talk about past riders(Shamile Randle, Gabriel Rodriguez, Paulo Diaz), and how they dealt with Daniel Castillo getting shot, and Keenan's death. The intro is so sick. A flood of I'm guessing at least 100 skaters storm and take over the streets of a metropolitan city. Complete chaos.Then after that, theres a little "demo section". I'm in the background of the Wallenburg demo at SF, I just can't spot myself. There's this really cool part in the video where they tape a camera to there boards and ride around and stuff. Mike York's part is next. Even though he got injured, he still has a bunch of good footage. Triple flip UP a grass gap? Good sh**. Another "demo section" is up next. You know how it goes. Kenny Anderson comes next with one of the best parts in the video. A good song and a good style is always needed. A lot of good manual variations.A little "stress" section comes next with all the riders breaking their boards and stuff. Gino's part is really, really good, but its not his best. It seems like he kinda held back a little. A lot of good stuff though. Justin Eldridge is a f***ing maniac when it comes to handrails. He does handrail nollie nosegrinds as a warm up, nuff said. A "syncronization" skit comes next. Original music by
Bjork. Really cool thing to watch. Cool sound effects too. A little Choco montage is up next featuring Chico Brenes, Daniel Castillo, Richard Mulder, and Scott Johnston. All of them have good stuff, it would've been better if they had full parts though. CHRIS ROBERTS IS NEXT. Hands down best part in the video. He is the new king of the manual. He's unseated Daewon. Switch manny to switch f/s 360 shovit out on the LA courthouse stage. WOAH. Looooooooooong ass nosegrind to nollie bigspin out...I can go on for hours. Ah, another "demo" section. Yeah the "flame board" skit is definitely worth your time. I dont wanna spoil it, but an "old friend" from Yeah Right! stops by. MJ has the ender. Classic part to add to his already extensive shelf of high caliber skate parts. His last trick is so freaking hard as fuck. The end credits come on with one of the best songs in the video. It shows a little more left over footage(such as the team's back stage ruckus at a Bjork concert)Well, thats it. So far I think it's the best video of 2004 (Oh yeah, Ricardo Carvalho and Jesus Fernandez are not in, nor mentioned anytime in the video. Aren't they on the team?)
Bjork wrote and contributed Synchronicity for the DVD documentory of the skate boarding team, Hot Chocolate, and its tour of several cities. The song only sounds right if you see the accompanying video because there are swooshing, whirring sounds which coincide with the movements of skaters.

Synchronicity is a fitting name for the song because the skaters all perform together in a choreographed "synchronized" routine throughout the performance.
Unofficial Lyrics:

Bjork: jibberish

little boy:
animal thugs,
thugged out baby jesus
dean, the kids
you betcha,

boy: hot
Bjork: chocolate
repeat twice

Bjork: Chocolate

boy: hot chocolate
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Hot Chocolate skating team members on the video:
Gino Iannucci, Marc Johnson, Kenny Anderson, Scott Johnston, Mike York, Richard Mulder, Chico Brenes, Justin Eldridge, Chris Roberts, Daniel Castillo and guests.
Producer: Girl
Directors: Spike Jones, Ty Evans

Released in January 2004

Spike Jones: "One of the most sought after directors in the business," Spike Jones has worked on two of Bjork's videos, Its Oh so Quiet and Its In Our Hands. Its Oh So Quiet was the third single off of her second studio album Post. Its in Our Hands was released as a single off of the Greatest Hits album of 2003. He also directed the movie Being John Malcovich in which Bjork contributed a song (Amphibian) to the sound track.
Synchronicity was not performed on the Greatest Hits tour of 2003 and it will not be on the new album...but according to, "this is a little 1:12 impromptu [vaguely schaffel-esque] tune that was put together by Björk and Icelandic engineer Valgeir Sigurdsson, presumably from material that was initially recorded during October/November of 2003 by Matmos." You've probably seen the name Valgeir Sigurdsson before, he collaborated with Bjork on the Bside, Domestica.
Video review at, Feb. 24, 2004 by whiteley
    The Girl/Chocolate camp has consistently made some of the best videos of all time not only because of the incredibly stylish and innovative skating, but because they care and take the time to do things right with thought and execution. The Hot Chocolate video may be the best example of that yet. Of course there is the skateboarding, and we'll get to that, but there is a lot more making the video a stand-out, even amongst the rest of the stand-outs. Everybody on the team took part in extensive interviews and gives their take on the team, the history of Chocolate, the family of Chocolate, the tour itself, skateboarding's state of mind, and what it is to be a skater. It's fun, it's entertaining, it's honest, and it's a way to get to know some of your favorite skaters beyond the tricks they do. Make sure you listen to Gino's closing comments. Then of course there are the skits and the interludes, which are always entertaining. You'll just have to appreciate them for yourselves, but between the choreography, theslam/mind-loss part, the
Bjork section, and all the rest, you're sure to find yourself smiling. So how about the skating? Excellent. Truly excellent. Did you expect anything else? Gino continues his onslaught of style and stellar trick selection; MJ will blow your mind with his innovation and graceful roll; Kenny A keeps the tech/smooth mix way, way above the bar plus shuts down the demo situations with ease; SJ, Mulder, and Daniel Castillo bring the unique, clean styles they've had for years; Chico is still looking better than ever with his patented laid back flow; Justin Eldridge takes monstrous bites out of the tech attack plan and reminds you how many years he has ahead of him; Mike York, despite taking one for the team, comes with plenty of good tricks and the awesome comedy he's always been known for; and Chris Roberts will surprise you with some serious manual ruckus and cool ledge inventions. It's a complete package, more so than just about any other video, and is sure to please. The Hot Chocolate video is a big-time winner for all these reasons, but also because it reminds you how much fun skateboading is. Mega thumbs up.
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Etiole Polaire, was the first to report on this new song as a news item.Their report included a sample mp3, the Synchronicity video with song, and ending credits to the Hot Chocolate DVD where hot chocolate team members talk about partying with Bjork.These media files have since been removed.
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