Takk is a dancy fun tune Bjork released before Debut.
The word "takk" means thanks in Icelandic. It is also a song Bjork sung as part of the Icelandic movie Sodoma Reykajavik (retitled Remote Control outside Iceland).The techno song was released on the soundtrack in October of 1992 only in Iceland. The music was written by rhallur Sklason (DJ Thorhallur a.k.a. THOR) and lyrics by Bjrk Gumundsdttr.
The director of the film, Oskar Jonasson, had directed of some Sugarcubes' videos (and had been Bjrk's boyfriend). For the soundtrack to this rock comedy about the Icelandic underworld, Bjrk also guests with rockabilly outfit KK Band on a cover of the local 50s standard, Borg Mn Borg, (meaning in English, O town my town).
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English Translation:
Feel it too
and love hot love

with all that she sees
and all that she gives me
love hot love
nothing is banned
woo-woo hoo-oo-ooh

woo-woo hoo-oo-ooh
and all of this love
in those blue hearts
nothing is banned
and everythings possible
what no one has touched
but I have touched
and felt too
love hot love
woo-woo hoo-oo-oo

Sung in Icelandic:
Fundi til lka
Og st heita st
Vv huuuu

Me allt sem hn sr
Og allt sem hn frir mr
st heita st
Ekkert er banna
Vv huuuu

Vv huuuu
Og ll essi st
blum hjrtum
Ekkert er banna
Og allt er hgt
ar sem enginn hefur snert
En g snert
Og fundi til lka
Og st heita st
Vv huuuu
The Soundtrack:
(aka: "Remote Control") 
Bjork contributed 2 songs to the soundtrack.
Takk and O Borg min Borg. Bjork also co-wrote the Sodoma Theme, which is available on Ham's record Dead Horse.
Sdma Reykjavk - Label: Skfan
Track / (time) / performed by:
01. Mamma (00:45) Sigurjn Kjartansson
02. borg mn borg (02:23) KK Band & Bjrk
03. Htel Hafrn (05:41) Jpiters
04. Slappau af (02:25) KK Band
05. Partbr (04:36) HAM
06. Kaflar r hafnarfjrur/Reykjavk (01:44) Sigurjn Kjartansson
07. Niri b (05:19) Funkstrasse
08. Sdma (03:49) Slin hans Jns mns
09. Takk (04:48) Bjrk & rhallur
10. Komdu part (05:16) Funkstrasse
11. Animalia (04:07) HAM
12. Manifesto (03:16) HAM
13. Sdma Gmorra (02:44) Sigurjn Kjartansson 
(Information from Bjork in the movies)
About the Movie:
Summary taken from www.imdb.com:  
Since his mother wants to watch TV, Axel, a young auto-mechanic, must recover her remote control, accidentally taken by his punk sister Maja. During his quest, he becomes involved in the conflict between Moli, the liquor smuggler, and Aggi, a night club owner who wants to be Iceland's first mafia boss.
A good review can be found at rottentomatoes.com
released on video: 1995
: skar Jnasson
cinimatography: Sigurdur Sverrir Palsson
music: Sigurjon Kjartansson
producers: Skifan, Icelandic Film
lead actors: Bjrn Jrundur Fridlbjrnsson, Eggert Thorleifsson, Thorarinn Eyford, Helga Jonsdottir
You can listen to Takk HERE!!! (right click and save target as)
It is also located on the Cover Me bootleg CD ...The Alfur (one little f**er) bootleg CD...or the Sodoma Reykajavik soundtrack.    
Who is Thor? (a nice PDF document detailing his career from spiderspoon.com).
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