Quando você foi embora 
Fez-se noite em meu viver
Forte eu sou mas não tem jeito
Hoje eu tenho que chorar
Minha casa não é minha 
E nem é meu este lugar
Estou só e não resisto 
Muito tenho prá falar 

Solto a voz nas estradas
Já não quero parar 
Meu caminho é de pedras
Como posso sonhar 
Sonho feito de brisa 
Vento vem terminar 
Vou fechar o meu pranto
Vou querer me matar 

Vou seguindo pela vida 
Me esquecendo de você 
Eu não quero mais a morte 
Tenho muito que viver 
Vou querer amar de novo 
E se não der não vou sofrer 
Já não sonho
hoje faço com meu braço o meu viver

from alwaysontherun.com
Thanx a lot to Lili & Nota



The Crossing 

When you left me, 
I embraced the night 
I tried to be strong 
But it could not be denied. 

Today I have to cry, 
This place it's not mine 
All alone, I can't resist 
Having much to clarify. 

Free my voice in the roads, 
Never wanting to stop 
My way is made of stones, and 
I'm losing my dreams in the breeze. 

Here comes the wind 
To take it all, 
I'm closing my womb 
I'm going to turn myself off . 

Going through life 
Not remembering you, 
Don't want death anymore 
I have a lot to live for. 

I want to love again, 
But no suffering in it 
I stopped dreaming, and now 
I make my own living.

Translation by: dio d


Travessia was one of Bjork's favourite songs when she was younger. 

The kind she'd listen to every morning.


Bjork recorded Travessia for the Red Hot & Rio compilation 

released in October of 1996 on Polygram Records.


Many Bjork fans do not like Travessia, saying it is not of the quality they expect from her. Apparently she didn't like it either because the song was never released. 

It is found only on the internet.

    Red Hot & Rio was a contemporary tribute to the Bossa Nova sound that has seduced people around the globe for decades. This transcontinental pop record puts a modern groove on the magical ambiance and music that was Ipanema in the 60’s. It was the 7th item in the Red Hot AIDS Benefit Series to fight AIDS around the world, dedicated to Tom Jobim. 

www.redhot.com and amazon.com

     Björk covers Travessia from the great Milton Nascimento (arrangements by Eumir Deodato), a very famous Brazilian musician
     "Eumir Deodato. The name says nothing for those born after the 1970 World Cup, but tells a lot of Brazilian music. Composer and mixer, above all, Deodato pratically created "Travessia". In 1966, he selected music for Festival da Cancao, caught from the bottom of the refused trunk a tape recorded by someone called Bituca, and convinced the managers to change mind. Finally he made the arrangement that eternalized the song. 
     "Twenty seven years later, the work keeps making profit: it was by listening to "Travessia" and being enchanted with the orchestration, that Björk decided to look him up for work on Post. "I was in Japan and she called me from a studio in Bahamas", recalls Eumir. They met couple of days later in London and the results can be heard in the tracks "Hyper-Ballad" and "You've Been Flirting Again". 
     "After, she discovered she loves other of my arrangements - the disco version of 2001", tells the eclectic Eumir. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he arrived in USA in 67, to accompany violinist Luiz Bonfa in a series of shows and stayed there. He made the arrangements of "Garota de Ipanema" and "Sabia", which Tom Jobim used for whole live, and participated in the second disc the maestro recorded with Sinatra. He signed a solo disc, made a fusion band and even produced Kool & The Gang. 
     "In 72, he began to devote himself to stock exchange. "I made a course by mail and got interested." Today, living with his wife Ruth in the small city Rockland, New York state, he stays till early morning in front of his computer. "It's a very emotional activity, and has to do with arts".
ShowBizz, Year 11, Number 1 - 126 Edition, by Leila Sterenberg, 

More about Travessia:    

Eumir Deodato, explained to Bjork that the song had something to do with a Brazilian dictatorship in the 1960s. Bjork said she thought that her version would seem "inauthentic and insensitive in context" so she decided it shouldn't be released


Travessia is not sung in the common Portuguese from Portugal but Brazilian Portuguese... (the difference is in the accent).


You can listen to Travessia at Bjork Brasil. It is on the left hand side as a zip file. 

It is also at Bjork's Secret Garden. You need a log in and pass word but its worth it.